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For all our valued guests we focus on tantric pleasure and sensual indulgence. Our Mobilemassage.hu is not only a call-out massage service to one's home but can also welcome guests to its own salon, in Zalakaros.

We are available seven days a week offering premium quality massage programmes each of which is provided by our pretty, young, fully qualified and experienced masseuses. We operate officially and with total discretion. Our special programmes and our attractive masseuses will give you a sense of total relaxation and comfort.

We would be pleased to provide information on group bookings, stag parties etc. and this can be
obtained by contacting us on +36 30 92 44 629







Home Massage

Our unique service whereby any programme we offer can be provided in the venue of your choice,

even in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to travel and you can enjoy our sensual tantric massages in your own private environment.

Soapy Massage

There is no need to travel to Thailand to enjoy the deliciously erotic sensation of a soapy lather massage.

The masseuse will bathe you, all the while pampering you with her charm, beauty and magical hands.

Then a soft and sensual soapy massage followed by a highly erotic, oily and velvety massage before finishing, if you should so wish, with a lingam or yoni massage.

Tantric Massage

A multi-sensory massage both energising and arousing.

This special intimate massage is concluded by alternating a soft, slow rythmn with a more dynamic one accompanied by pleasant tantric music.

Body to body slide Massage

Once experienced, never forgotten.

The erotic experience of a lifetime, pampering all your senses as our masseuse slides her oiled body along yours with her soft breasts.

Yoni Massage

A massage which focuses on the most intimate areas of a woman's anatomy.

No other massage allows a woman to discover herself as fully as this one does. During this tantric massage the massager uses soft caresses to induce an extremely heightened and emotional state of arousal affecting both body and soul and to create an all embracing full body experience.

Orgasm is not the aim of this technique, rather the enjoyment and savouring of the prolonged journey towards one. Should one occur as a result of the extraordinary technique, it will be unlike one you have ever experienced before.

Lingam Massage

This technique is one focused on the arousal of the male member.

Like the yoni massage, this is intended to induce a full body experience in which orgasm is not an aim but an extremely enjoyable side-effect to reach even higher levels and intensity of pleasure.

Four Handed Massage

An unforgettable and unique experience for those...

...who long for total indulgence and to double their pleasure. Enjoy wave after wave of caresses as two masseuses work on your whole body at the same time.

One could choose a sporty,muscular massage combined with more sensitive and gentle caresses designed to heighten and intensify desire. An all body massage, this allows our guests to receive the maximum amount of tenderness, attention and sensation.

Prostate Massage

Many men report the same intensity of sensation from a prostate massage as many women say they experience from a G-spot massage.

Some men recoil from the idea but, if you can overcome any anxiety about this form of massage, your experience will be wonderful and unforgettable.

An experienced masseuse can provide you with an extraordinary sensation.


Massages to awaken all
your senses



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